When to Start Packing to Move House

Team Express Movers
November 20, 2018

Moving house takes time and planning in order to coordinate and stay organized during the move. Do you know when to start packing to move house? These moving tips from Express Movers will give you some ideas to keep in mind when you begin to plan to move to your new home.

When to Start Packing to Move House

Make a List of Items to be Packed

One of the best moving tips is to keep a list you can refer to, so you don’t miss anything during your move. You may want to make a list of each room and everything that needs to be packed to minimize the chances of forgetting something important to do. You should also try to decide how you will pack things, how you will keep them safe, and where they should go in your new house.

You may want to make a schedule of everything that needs to be completed beforehand so that you won’t be rushed at the last minute. Another useful thing to do is use a list to keep track of which box, items have been packed in, i.e., list each box with a number next to it and then leave space to list every item that is packed in that box.

When to Start Packing to Move House

Use Colored Stickers and Label Correctly

Labeling will save you a lot of hassle. Try to label which room the box will go to on the top and side, and you can also color coordinate with stickers to make it easier to see where boxes go. You can use red stickers for the kitchen, yellow for the bedroom, orange for the living room, etc.

Booking Your Move

Before booking, read your quotation and service specification carefully, to satisfy yourself that the services you want are included. Be sure to confirm the date is available, before sending any deposit. There is basic liability protection from Express Movers that will protect your items, but you can also opt to purchase full value protection. Be sure to consider this type of coverage when booking your move.

Bottom Line

These tips for when to start packing to move house will help you get organized from the very start. This will help you can keep track of everything, and avoid misplacing your items while you are moving.