How To Pack Dishes Without Newspaper

Team Express Movers
December 4, 2018

There are a lot of things to do in a move. There’s a lot of things to plan, think about, and pack. As careful as you may be while you’re packing, you can still encounter some broken dishes and glassware once you’ve reached your new home. One way to remedy this is to cushion and pack these fragile items with newspaper. But how well does newspaper work? Quite frankly, newspaper doesn’t work well when packing dishes. That’s why this article will go over how to pack dishes without newspaper so that you can ensure that you’re keeping these fragile items safe.

How to Pack Dishes Without Newspaper

There are few effective ways to pack dishes without using a newspaper. While moving, these tips can actually save your plates and other fragile things from breaking.

How to Pack Dishes Without Newspaper

Bubble Sheets

Bubble sheets can be a great solution for moving long ways. Wrapping the plates and glasses with bubble sheets can actually protect it from breaking. Especially when the travel is through hard bumpy roads; bubble sheets are the saviors. The only concern is the cost involved with it. Bubble sheets are costlier when compared to other packing materials.

Vertical Stacking

Stacking the plates vertically is a simple yet effective trick. It’s a mere logical thing to do. Just stack the plates vertically in a cardboard box, Although you should remember that the size of the box should fit the total number of plates tightly. For added safety, you can place some waste papers on the sides inside the cardboard box. Stacking it vertically and tightly without gaps will keep it from bumps and breaks.

Styrofoam Plates

You can also use the leftover styrofoam plates that were left over from your last party. Styrofoam plates are thick and spongy. They can absorb the damage created by bumps and dashes. While packing the plates, styrofoam plates can be kept in between the plates. Thus, it works like a spongy barrier between the plates. To get the full benefit of the trick, the plates should be stacked horizontally.

Cloth Wraps

This is probably the oldest trick used for packing fragile things. Unlike all the above discussed tricks, this one can be safer. Also, it works on all types of glass and other fragile items. The only setback is that it takes more space in the box. Use t-shirts, socks, and other soft and spongy clothes to wrap it around the plates and glasses individually. Pack it tightly in a thick cardboard box. Also, ensure tight packing in the box, as any gaps should be filled up with clothes. That way you can save the package completely.


Are you looking for ways on how to pack dishes without newspaper? Choosing the best suitable solution for your packing needs is purely based on individual user preference. If at all you’re packing a large number of plates and glasses, cloth wraps can be the best choice. Other ideas can be applied for small sized packages. Moving professionals at Express Movers Inc. offer a variety of tips and tricks for both packing and moving if you need additional help from a pro. Good luck!