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May 19, 2018
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May 19, 2018

If there is one thing that could be hectic, it would be none other than moving. You have to purchase essential moving supplies to make your relocation a reality. Additionally, you have to set some time aside for packing. This may be a number of hours or even days depending on the number of things you would like to relocate. It may be a very tiresome process of sorting through and packing away your items in preparation for the move. Sometimes you may also want to throw a packing party, which will only add to the stress.

The good news is you do not have to go through the stress because there are many professional moving companies/movers you can use for that purpose. What do movers do? Or what should I expect from movers?

In general, they help homeowners or renters move their household items from one point to another quickly and safely. In other words, these companies provide moving services to people who need them for a fee. You can expect a lot of professional assistance from a good moving company such as Express Movers Inc.

Even though it all may sound kind of straight forward on the surface, but the way full service packers and movers carry out their work can be, sometimes, be pretty fascinating. If you take a closer look at the way in which they perform the process of moving a house, the loads of work that they have to do behind the scenes to make your relocation a success will leave your mouth wide open. Some of the tasks they may carry out include:

Tips for moving

  • In-house surveying
  • Cost estimation
  • Issuance of moving estimates
  • Pre-move booking
  • Provision of moving services
  • Maintaining of customer satisfaction and business reputation
  • Juggling of busy schedules

It is important to note, however, that there are certain items most companies cannot or will not transport. Below is a checklist of items most companies will not accept to handle as far as moving is concerned./p>
Dangerous Items

1. Potentially Dangerous Items

  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Nail polish removers
  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Gasoline
  • Propane cylinders
  • Fireworks
  • Potentially dangerous items


2. Food

Generally, the company that you choose to work with will pack most food for you. However, it is upon you to decide whether packing food is a good idea or not.

We recommend you discard any perishable food or any food that is stored in glass jars instead of packing them alongside other stuff. This is because the jars can crack or leak causing damage not only to the contents in them, but also to your other belongings. Mold can also be a major concern during transit.

However, we recommend you pack foods and groceries that are not perishable though. Do not discard your oils, dried fruits, canned or boxed foodstuffs as these usually move well. You can always seek clarification if you have any doubts about the foods to pack and the ones to throw away.

3. Documents and Valuables

Although your moving company may not have a problem with transporting your documents and valuables, it is always best to retain them. That is because even if the company could compensate you if the items are lost or damaged at the end of the journey money cannot truly replace them. Keep things like:

  • Cash
  • Important documents (passports, title deeds, logbooks, wills, bonds, stocks, etc.)
  • Moving documents
  • Collections ( stamps, coins, etc.)
  • Jewelry
  • Heirlooms
  • Family photos

Remember these are items that can be quite devastating to lose. The worst part is that you cannot repurchase or replace many of them. In addition, some of them will be necessary to have at hand during the moving process

Express Movers Inc. is one of the best full service packers and movers you will ever find on the market. This company goes an extra mile for customers by including packing and wrapping at no additional cost. This saves clients the stress, time as well as money involved prior to the move. This is even as most companies charge a lot for these services. Therefore, if you would like to move your belongings to your new home in a smooth, safe and affordable, we recommend these professionals. Hopefully, you will get a better quote from them besides free packing and wrapping services.

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