Moving With Pets

Your pet is a part of the family, you’ll want to ensure that Fido has a smooth move whether you are moving across town or across the county. Moving companies are not allowed to move your pets, so you will need to be prepared to move your own pets or hire a pet transportation company. Moving can be stressful for them as well. Here are some tips for getting your cats and dogs safely settled into your new home.


  1. Vet Check

Stop in to the veterinarian to check the requirements for traveling with your pet. If you are moving to another state it is important to know about the specifics. Even if your pet is not flying but driving, you still should make sure their vaccinations and identification chips are updated. Make sure medical records are up to date and bring copies with you.


  1. Pack Well

Travelling by car? Don’t feed your pet directly before leaving on a trip. Take your dog for a walk before and stop frequently for bathroom breaks and walks. Provide fresh water for dogs and cats. Feed your pet when you have stopped for the day or when you arrive at the destination. Pack food, water, dishes, leash, treats, a favorite toy, and a blanket or bed. Bring a scooper and plastic bags and a litter box as well.


  1. Secure Ride

Always keep your pets in a carrier or a harness. Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car, especially when it is summer and temps can rise to 120 degrees within minutes. Make sure your pet is secure so that if you open the door or let them out they can’t run away.


Don’t let your pet hang out the window. Dust, dirt, and bugs can go into the eyes, ears and throat. Debris can hit your pet.


  1. Identification

Make sure your pet has updated id tags, an undated chip and carry a current photo of your pet in case it gets lost.


  1. Keep Calm

Pets can be sensitive to change and if you are stressing about the move they will pick up on that. Up until the move try to keep your pet’s’ routines as normal as possible.


  1. Practice

If your dog or cat is not used to riding in the car, make short trips to get them accustomed to the car motion. Most cats are scared of car travel, many feel safer in their own carrier.


  1. Walk On a Leash

Both dogs and cats should walk on a leash if you are stopping at a strange place. Always securely harness your pet before you open the car door.

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