Moving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer

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March 12, 2019

Long gone are the days of stuffing all your possessions into your car and leaving your junk on the curb. Considering the amount of stuff you likely have in your home; you don’t have the time or energy to do it on your own – so you need all the advice you can get. This is where a few moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer will come in handy, so you can be prepared when the movers arrive.

Moving Tips and Tricks from a Professional Organizer

In this post, we’ll point out a few moving tricks and tips from moving experts who have mastered the best ways to move.

Get Utilities Up and Running by Moving Day

The last thing you want is to move into a house with no water or electricity. As such, it’s important to transfer your utilities before you close escrow. Schedule a transfer as soon as you know your moving date as utilities such as electricity, water and gas could take anywhere between a couple of days to a few weeks to get everything up and running.

Hire Movers as Soon as Possible

Reliable movers get booked months in advance. So, if you plan to hire movers, hire one as soon as you know the moving date or you’ll have to find one last minute and end up paying an arm and a leg for mediocre services. You should also consider renting a moving truck rather than using the mover’s truck as it would cost significantly much less.

Finish Off Perishables

Don’t buy any groceries within two weeks of moving. You also want to go through your fridge, freezer and pantry to finish off any stored food. This will save you some time and money in the weeks leading up to the moving date and also keep your new fridge feeling fresh.

Get Enough Moving Supplies

To save time as you pack and move, come up with a list of your packing supplies and get everything you need in one trip. A packing tip is to start planning well in advance, so make sure you have everything you need to pack your home efficiently and properly.

Purge Items to Sell or Donate

Go through all your items before packing and decide what to donate/get rid of, and what to keep. Consider a yard sale as it’s a great way to lighten the moving load while making some extra cash at the same time. If you’re not keen on a yard sale, just donate the quality items and trash the rest.

Bottom Line

Those are just some of the moving tips and tricks from a professional organizer. Other tips to bear in mind include keeping your important documents safely, packing an overnight box for after the move and keeping bolts and screws in labeled plastic bags, just to mention a few. The most important tip when it comes to moving is to come up with a plan and start the process early. When you’re ready to move, our team here at Express Movers will ensure that your belongings are pack and moved safely.

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