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December 4, 2018
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January 8, 2019

Moving clothes is relatively difficult, therefore moving clothes with hangers needs to special attention and technique. This article will show you moving clothes on hangers hack to make sure your move is easy and efficient.

Here are few methods of making that will help organize your clothes moving keeping their quality intact. Read below to find out more.

Moving Clothes on Hangers Hack


Arrange in Order

Prior to packing your clothes and apparel, it’s best for them to be clean. Wash all the clothes and dry the clothes completely. Avoid packing stained or seasonal articles without cleaning them. Packing dirty clothes will then mix with your clean clothes, resulting in a more clothes to clean later.

Moving Clothes on Hangers Hack

Pack Out-of-season Clothing First

The best clothing to pack first, are those that are not going to be worn for a while. Out-of-season clothing should be packed first and stored away. Make sure you label them, this will prevent you from having to remove the items to find out what it is inside.

However, if you live in a place that has relatively same weather year round, pack items that you know you will not use for a while.


Have a Moving Box for Clothing

Take a big suitcase, a box or a duffel bag and fill with your clothes on hangers. Placing your items in boxes will make moving easier. Since boxes have a wide opening, it is easier to remove the contents from them.


Choose the Most Suitable Packing Method

If your travel involves moving from one part of the country to another, it is best to  keep clothing completely packed and sealed.

On the other hand, if you’re moving to location nearby, using zip-tie hanger and piling them in the car on the back set would be better. Choose any of these methods:


Wardrobe Boxes: Hanging clothing is to be stored in enclosed boxes and racks when travelling a long distance in a moving truck.


Leave Clothes in the Drawer: Leave all clothing its place and seal the drawers and doors when you are using dresser drawers. This is useful if you engage professional mover with the expertise to move heavy furniture.


Get Hanging Clothes Wrapped: For moving short distances, pile hanging clothes onto cart or drape on the box. Have 5 to 15 hangers together. Cover each group with garbage bags to keep dust and dirt away.



When you’re planning to relocate to a new residence, moving clothes is a major task and is quite the nuisance. Hopefully, the moving clothes on hangers hack discussed here will be immensely helpful for your upcoming move. Moving can be hectic and long, Express Moving can provide helpful solutions.

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