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May 19, 2018
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May 19, 2018

Clothes PackingWhen relocating, you don’t necessarily have to use wardrobe moving boxes. They often require a service moving company and are quite expensive to purchase.

Select and separate your clothes, those that you often wear and those that you never wear. This should be the first step you take when you are moving out. Donate those that you have not worn for the past few months to charity.

Once you are through with the separation, you should now focus on what is left in your closet. Folding and packing into boxes is somewhat tedious, working with them while still on the hangers is far much better.

Get yourself twist ties and garbage bags (preferably those of 30 gallons) fitted with pull strings and start off the packing

Categorically group your clothes, that is pants separately, shirts separately and so on. Subdivide your group of clothes into lesser groups of less than 10 hangers. Putting together more than 10 hangers will cause you more trouble. Stick to 10 and below.

Put the grouped bunch of clothes on the ground, working while they are still in the closet is wearisome.

Pierce a small hole at the bottom middle of your trash bag, through the hole you made, pull the hangers first and successively cover your clothes by moving the trash bag downwards.

Secure your clothes inside the bag by tightly pulling the drawstrings. To avoid your hangers from slithering into the bag, tie their heads using a twisty tie.

Repeat this process to all the grouped clothes.

For organisation, you can consider labelling your bags using coloured washi tapes. For instance a red tape for the jackets closet, a blue tape for shirts, a pink tape for the master closet and so on.

After you are through, put your bags one over the other in the moving truck, car trunk.
The advantage of this process is that it saves you space, the hassle of dealing with wrinkled clothes and the better part is that you will immediately get to your new home and hang your clothes directly without undergoing the trouble of unfolding. The next thing required of you is to curb your shopping tendencies until you are through with moving.

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