How to Prepare for a Long Distance College Move

Are you moving far away for college? Probably the last thing you want to be doing on your last summer break before you head to school is start planning for the move. However, dealing with the logistics beforehand will help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Ways to Prepare for a Long Distance College Move

Organize Your Items:

Begin sorting your items into three piles, “keep,” “give away,” “garbage.” This can be one of the most difficult parts for many. For clothing, keep only things you have worn in the last six months. Throw away any broken, ripped, chipped or otherwise unusable things.


Think Seasonally:

What you will pack for school will be different for California than it will be for Vermont. Think about the weather and what types of clothing you will need. You likely will need some summer clothes and then some warmer clothes once Fall begins. If you will be coming home in between seasons, say Thanksgiving time, you can grab your thick winter sweaters, socks, and parkas then.


Bring the Essentials:

Most dorms will typically provide a bed/mattress, desk, chair, dresser, wastebasket and bookshelves. For a list of items you will likely need, go here. You may want to purchase and have a few essentials shipped ahead of time so they will be there when you arrive. Make sure to verify that packages can be sent before you move in. These items include bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets, mattress pad, and towels.


Buy Later:

Some things such as notebooks, pens, backpacks, school supplies, toiletries and food/pantry items can be bought once you have arrived to your new location. You can also buy home decor items and furniture if needed. These items can be heavy and bulky, adding to the amount of bags or boxes you have.

It is also a great idea to chat with your roommate(s) to decide who will be purchasing what and your needs. Some of the bigger items can be shared such as furniture, decor, wall art, lighting, and pantry items.


Count Down:

Keep a calendar with daily tasks on your to-do list. This will insure that you know exactly how many days you have before moving day. It will also help you balance fun and packing.


Home Sweet Home:

Since it may be your first time living far from home, make sure to take mementos with you in case homesickness hits. Pack a few photos and special items.


Pack the Necessities:
Regardless if you are driving or flying to your destination, make sure to pack a bag with the items you will need upon arrival. This includes a few clothing items, medications, toiletries, phone charger, purse/wallet, etc. You likely won’t be able to fully unpack right away (or get to the store for purchases) so this bag with essentials will be helpful to have for a few days until you get settled.

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