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October 23, 2018
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If you are planning to relocate to another place, then one thing that you will have to deal with is how to pack silverware. When the time to relocate to another place comes, it is crucial to ensure that they well packed so that they arrive to your new home safely and intact. There are three things that you need to avoid when moving your silverware: tarnishing, misplacing a set, and injuring someone accidentally due to sharp utensil such as a knife that was not packed properly. You can only avoid this if you pack all you silverware properly. In this article, we are going to give you effective tips on how to pack silverware.

Necessary Supplies

  • Small Moving BoxHow to Pack Silverware

You will use the box to move your silverware from your current location to your preferred destination. They will keep your silverware safe when they are being moved.

A tape will help wrap your silverware tightly to prevent them from falling when being moved. It also helps to sort silverware to avoid confusion when packing and unpacking.

  • A Marker

Just like its name suggest, a marker will help you mark all items that you have packed in the moving box for easy identification and sorting.

  • Packing Paper

A packing paper will help you pack all your silverware safely to prevent them from cracking just in case they shake when being moved.

How to Pack Silverware

  1. Wrap Groups of Silverware in Bundles

Before packing your silverware, you need to wrap them in bundles. This will help to make packing easier and safer. It will also prevent them from cracking when being moved.

  1. Place Bundles in Silverware Tray

Once you have wrap group of silverware in bundles, the next step is placing them in silverware tray. You can use plastic or a packing paper to wrap the tray. Wrapping the tray is very simple. For instance, if you use a packing paper, all that you need to do is cut the paper into half then place it on top of the tray. Place the tray packing paper then use multiple sheets to wrap the tray just the way you would when wrapping a present.

  1. Mark Top of Tray

Mark the top of the tray to prevent your silverware from falling when they are being unwrapped.

  1. Pack in a Box

Place the wrapped tray in a box and ensure that they lie flat to prevent them from shaking when being moved. It is also important to ensure that the box is lined to provide extra cushion. Fill all gaps to ensure that the box is well sealed. Once you have closed the box, put a label that shows that the box contains silverware.


Bottom Line

Do you know how to pack silverware? Remember that air can cause the silverware to tarnish. As a result, you should ensure that all of them are wrapped completely in a clean tissue or unprinted packing. If some of your silverware are in chest, then you can wrap the pieces individually then reposition them in the chest.

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